Battery Pack Design That Brings Your Products To Life

When it comes to battery packs, iTECH turns the theoretical into the eminently practical. Whatever concept you’re innovating to meet a real world need, iTECH can help you switch it on with a battery pack that seamlessly conforms to your physical, environmental and power requirements.

It starts with our extensive working knowledge of several battery chemistries, from legacy NiCD to the latest Li. From there, we bring our considerable elctro-mechanical design talent to bear on your projects. And where you gain the most advantage from iTECH is from our in-house manufacturing capability. Because we understand intimately what is actually physically possible to build, we design your packs that way from the start, finding the most cost-effective and efficacious way to meet your exact requirements. And quite frankly, if it is physically impossible to build or simply too hard to build cost-effectively, we can tell you that before starting too, saving you precious time and cost.

We’ve got expansive experience with all kinds of applications, form factors and materials.

Capabilities include:

  • Fuel Gauges – balancing, set conditions in the pack (transport, standby, operational modes)
  • Cycle Counters
  • Encryption
  • Serial Communications
  • Multi Layered Protection
  • Balancing
  • Mechanical Designs
  • Complex Mechanical Structures
  • Air and Water Tight
  • Connector, Contact, Harness Interface
  • Injection Mold or Shrink Wrap Design
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Intrinsic Safety
  • Medical Environment
  • Thermal Validations
  • Shock, Vibration, Drop Testing
  • Cell Validation
  • Cycle Testing
  • Cell Source Inspection
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Chemistry Evaluations