iTECH's History

The History of iTECH

iTECH’s origins date back to 1991 as a division of HM Electronics, with the principal charter of developing a quality battery, quickly expanding into both battery pack and charger maintenance systems, providing service to major accounts and OEM customers in the wireless product market. In 1997, iTECH launched as its own company, focusing its resources on serving a wider variety of customers and applications in the portable electronics market.

In April 2015, iTECH was acquired by Universal Power Group (UPG), a Texas-based supplier of batteries, related power accessories and custom power solutions. Today, iTECH’s engineering and manufacturing resources continue a heritage of innovation and dedication to meeting the market’s need in performance-critical applications where health, safety or significant revenue are at stake.

Fortune 500 companies, including Motorola, Medtronic, Honeywell, Qualcomm, Danaher and other notable companies in the medical, handheld, industrial, safety/security and communications markets, depend on iTECH for their battery and charger requirements.

As we approach a quarter-decade of providing solutions in this industry, we’re proud of the global reputation we’ve built for our responsiveness, value, and passion for servicing our customers.