LEAN Manufacturing

Lean Electronics Manufacturing. Rich Production Capability.

iTECH brings you the benefits of having design and manufacturing in the same facility, including time and cost savings as well as heightened quality control. Our company culture of Lean Manufacturing drives every aspect of what we do.  We are structured to support high mix and moderate volume. Our cellular manufacturing provides the flexibility and scalability required in meeting your planned production demands as well as your unplanned spot demands.

In-House Manufacturing Capabilities

  • _MG_459434,000 square feet for manufacturing
  • Flex shift manufacturing/scheduling
  • 3 SMT lines
  • Water wash for PCBs with ionic contamination testing
  • Cellular manufacturing – Battery packs & charger/docks assembly
  • Resistive welding
  • Ultrasonic sealing
  • Pull testing
  • IP67 in-line testing capability
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Shrink-wrap packing
  • Potting (Intrinsically safe)

Critical processes with SPC output from Incoming inspection through final test.

iTECH Quality Management

Meticulous Attention To Detail

Every iTECH team member is passionately committed to deliver the best possible quality in our work for you.  To accomplish this, we’ve worked hard to develop and implement a robust Quality Management System company-wide.  Every employee is empowered and involved in our continuous improvement process. 
A constant communication loop and shared passion keeps everyone engaged in exceeding quality goals to deliver quality product on time – every time. Quality begins in the design development of the product.  All products go through rigorous DFM analysis and DVT testing.

Product Quality is supported through:

  • Company- wide quality management system
  • ISO 13485:2016/NS-EN ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System (QMS) certifications
  • FDA Medical Device Establishment – Registration Number  3002714378
  • Lean enterprise culture
  • Statistical Process Controls (SPC) used to monitor process stability
  • Pareto failure reporting
  • A “speak with data” approach to problem solving

Our Quality Policy is very simple: “Committed to complete customer satisfaction.” This is our guiding force every day.

The Shortest Path From Source to Delivery

We have carefully constructed our supply chain to be flexible and responsive while delivering your product to you at the lowest total cost. Our goal is to deliver products to you at the precise times you need them.  As a part of this effort, iTECH has established processes that support Kanban/JIT manufacturing as dictated by our customer requirements.

Key Supply Chain components include:

  • Strategic sourcing from low cost regions.
  • Key strategic suppliers for – cells, plastic, power suppliers, etc.
  • Flow down supply contracts & supplier Kanbans
  • Managing key supplier performance metrics

Our supply chain insures a smooth transition from product development into full production.  As your products mature, we will manage the supply base to insure current and forecasted demand throughout the product lifecycle.

Ensuring uninterrupted production:

End Of Life surveillance is critical in the rapidly changing world of material procurement.  iTECH utilizes Silicon Expert Technologies software to monitor EOL components starting at our NPI process continuing on throughout the life of the product.